The integrated touchscreen and adjustable shelving make the HMIShelf robots an easy and flexible way to offload point-to-point manual material handling tasks


CartConnect robots and FetchCarts seamlessly automate the vast myriad of cart workflows that operate daily within warehouses and manufacturing environments.


RollerTop brings adaptability and increased levels of automation in warehouse conveyor environments. They deploy quickly and deliver autonomous conveyor-to-conveyor material transport.

TagSurveyor automates inventory cycle counting and reduces inventory loss by collecting, locating, and tracking RFID tags on products and bins within warehouses and factories.

Freight500 & Freight1500

Freight500 & Freight1500 large autonomous mobile robots handle heavy-palletized workflows with industry-leading payload capacity, all while working safely and seamlessly alongside people, forklifts, and additional material handling equipment.

Designed to be highly extensible and versatile, our fully autonomous Freight100 Base is a safe and cost-effective solution to accelerate the development of automated products and solutions for a wide range of applications.